Several members of the expedition have mysteriously died since the seal of the tomb was broken, and several more workers have died from boobytraps among the many chambers holding relics and treasures in the tomb. Some say a curse is on the tomb...

A Book of the Dead belonging to Queen Imahotit has been unearthed, containing a strange collection of spells and passwords to be used by the dead in the underworld. Even more spells cover the coffins and walls throughout the tomb. This has caused many of the native workers to flee...believing these spells are bringing the mummies to life to avenge the desecration of the tomb.
...Still the team of archeologists continue on...struggling to open a sarcophagus adorned with the mask of Anubis …meanwhile, a secret death cult has sworn to bring Imahotit back to life... to destroy the foreign tomb raiders… and bringing on the full Wrath of Anubis
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